Being A Whistleblower

Did you know the IRS has a whistleblower office? Did you know that if you blow the whistle on a taxpayer or a business that you could be paid a whistleblower reward? Did you know that the whistleblower reward could be as much as 30% of what the IRS collects?

Okay, it’s time to ask yourself do you want to turn in your boss who you know has been cheating on his taxes?

You can also call the whistleblower law the revenge law or the snitch law or even the jealousy law.

Call it what you like but it all starts with IRS Form 211. You fill out Form 211 to report a cheater.

That cheater could be the boss who fired you. That cheater could be the guy at the casino who has been running a scam with a stolen ID when he wins jackpots.

Now you understand why the whistleblower law has nicknames like the revenge law or the snitch law.

The IRS Whistleblower Office pays monetary awards that generally fall between 15 and 30 percent of the proceeds collected. But it could be a long time before you see any money.

The IRS says awards can only be issued once a final determination can be made, and as such, award payments cannot be made until the taxpayer has exhausted all appeal rights and the taxpayer no longer can file a claim for refund or otherwise seek to recover the proceeds from the government.

You start the whistleblower process by filing Form 211 and ensure that it contains the following:

A description of the alleged tax noncompliance, including a written narrative explaining the issue(s).
Information to support the narrative, such as copies of books and records, ledger sheets, receipts, bank records, contracts, emails, and the location of assets.
A description of documents or supporting evidence, not in the whistleblower’s possession or control, and their location.
An explanation of how and when the whistleblower became aware of the information that forms the basis of the claim.
A complete description of the whistleblower’s present or former relationship (if any) to the subject of the claim (for example, family member, acquaintance, client, employee, accountant, lawyer, bookkeeper, customer).
The whistleblower’s original signature on the declaration under penalty of perjury (a representative cannot sign Form 211 for the whistleblower) and the date of signature.
It’s not easy being a whistleblower.

But here’s something easy. If you have tax issues or problems you can get a free consultation from a tax attorney at Legal Tax Defense. Call  now for your free consultation. The tax professionals can help you with unfilled tax returns and IRS garnishments and audit notices and they can help you collect refunds from tax returns you didn’t file.

Disclaimer: Alan Mendelson is a well-known TV consumer news reporter who reports on tax issues. You should seek professional advice if you have tax questions or issues. 

IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Trust Legal Tax Defense to Resolve all your Tax issues with IRS

In the past few years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has come up with strict measures to ensure that all United States Citizens with offshore accounts pay taxes. This has resulted due to a high number of people with foreign accounts who fail to remit their taxes. Note that if you are caught, the IRS has the right to prosecute you because it is a crime to fail to pay the taxes. There are also fines involved when you are entered into the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. If you find yourself into this problem, there is no need for you to worry. At Legal Tax Defense, our highly qualified tax attorneys can offer the right solutions and ensure you are not prosecuted.

Changes in the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS has made several changes in the program to help collect more taxes from citizens with offshore accounts. Some of the changes you should know include:

  • Increase in penalties
  • Offer benefits for those who disclose their offshore account details
  • The ability to close the program or increase penalties at any time

The voluntary disclosure program is aimed at allowing people with foreign accounts to disclose their information. This benefits the IRS since most of the cases are resolved without wasting time or resources.

What happens if you violate the terms set by the IRS?

If the IRS detects that you have violated the laid down regulations. There are various penalties you can face. You can be prosecuted as a fraudster, which attracts huge penalties. Some of the violations you can be punished for include:

  • Failure to pay tax
  • Filing incorrect tax return
  • Not filing an income tax return
  • Failing to file an offshore account report

All these violations can attract penalties or long prison terms that change from time to time. With the stake that comes with having an offshore account, IRS is always harsh with those who violate the terms set. If you have violated any of these regulations or have any queries at Legal Tax Defense, we are always there to help you.

Why we are the best option

Our tax lawyers have a good reputation in helping clients resolve both simple and complex tax issues. With vast experience in the legal industry, you can trust us to help you avoid prosecution when you are caught by IRS for failure to remit taxes from your offshore account.  All our tax attorneys are highly qualified and certified, so you can have peace of mind when we take over your case with IRS. Our commitment and dedication are what make us stand out from all the other tax legal firms and enjoy a strong client base. We can also help you take full advantage of the program and avoid a lot of legal issues from occurring. You just need to call us today for personalized assistance or visit for more information on how we can help.

Tax Lawyer and FBAR Compliance

Unlike in the past, it is now hard to slip in late FBAR. The IRS has brought changes that have made it hard for U.S. citizens with foreign accounts to escape paying taxes. IRS has developed strategies that help identify and act on those who try to avoid paying taxes from their offshore accounts. If you find yourself with tax issues with IRS, you will not escape prosecution unless you have trusted and highly qualified tax attorneys to help you out.  At Legal Tax Defense, we have the best tax lawyers who can help you fight back and ensure that all your interests are fully protected. Before we look at why we are the best tax law firm to hire, here are some critical information regarding FBAR.


If you get late to file FBARs regarding the income you have reported in your tax returns, it is advisable you take action fast to avoid severe penalties. You should do this by ensuring that you file them fast before IRS gets you. Complying with the regulations set by FBAR is necessary because failure to do this can make you be fined or even be prosecuted. Note that you need to comply fully with the FABR regulations even if you are up to date with the reporting and paying taxes for the income you earn through your offshore accounts. It is also worth noting that you are not supposed to do the filing under the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. If you do so, a heavier penalty will be invoked. You need to get in touch with our tax lawyer to guide you on what to do.

By trusting Legal Tax Defense to help you, you avoid the harsh consequences that might affect your business and personal life. Imagine being fined $ 500, 000 or ten years in prison? You do not have to put yourself through these agonies.  Our tax attorneys are always there to help get the best outcome and have peace of mind. We offer free consultations and help our clients deal with even the most complicated tax problems. Our rich experience in the business ensures that we can help resolve your issue regardless of the complexity involved.  All our tax lawyers are highly trained and always updated on changes that occur in the U.S. tax laws.

We can also guide you on how you can join the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program to ensure you do not fall into problems with IRS. You enjoy working with our friendly lawyers who show commitment and dedication to see you happy even as you manage your offshore account.  At Legal Tax Defense, we fight on behalf of our clients to the very end to resolve all their tax problems. Our tax attorneys always go an extra mile to confront all the tax agencies or IRS to ensure that your interests are well catered.  Get in touch with us for free consultations or visit for more information on our services.

Offshore Account Lawyer

Having Issues with Tax Evasion? Trust Legal Tax Defense for the Best Legal Assistance

There are many tricks business owners, and individuals use to evade paying United States taxes. One of the most common is placing assets or money in foreign accounts. These accounts are located in various countries all over the world. The federal government has been cracking on US citizens with offshore accounts through the Foreign Tax Compliance Act (FTCA).  This act makes it mandatory for all financial institutions to disclose all information regarding all United States Foreign account holders.

All those affected by the regulations can avoid being prosecuted and civil penalties invoked by the IRS by joining the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.  At Legal Tax Defense, we can sort all issues you might have with IRS. Before looking at how our tax lawyers can help, let look further into what the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program entails.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

This is a program initiated in 2009, to help the IRS collect more tax from US citizens with offshore accounts.  It was created as a result of many people opening the foreign account to evade paying the taxes.  The program offers mutual benefit to the IRS since it does not have to put a lot of effort or resources collecting taxes from the account holders. On the other hand, it helps those with offshore accounts to avoid the huge penalties involved in violating the terms of the Foreign Tax Compliance Act (FTCA).  Those who fail to comply get penalties ranging from $ 100, 000 to $ 500,000 or prison term going up to ten years.

How Legal Tax Defense Can Assist

Having an offshore account can offer you a myriad of benefits. However, it can also put you into problems with IRS if they detect you are violating some of the regulations set when it comes to matters about taxes. If you are having an issue with the IRS because of your foreign account, Legal Tax Defense offers the perfect solution for you. Our tax lawyers can help you to create a fully compliant offshore account that will not put you in loggerhead with IRS.

Our major interest is to ensure that all our clients are free from all tax and IRS problems.  Our tax attorneys guide you on how to join the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, adhere to its regulations, and avoid potential criminal prosecutions. Despite that we offer the best tax legal assistance, you can always enjoy our competitive pricing and many other benefits we offer to our clients.

How to Get Rid of Tax Debt

Many find themselves in the dark dilemma of how to get rid of tax debt when they tend to get behind on tax money and start owing to the IRS. Dealing with IRS can be frustrating, time-consuming and intimidating. An IRS tax debt on you can give the IRS officials the power to seize your assets, get your wages garnished and even place a lien on your property. All of these threats make it imperative for you to get rid of tax debt.

Best Tips on How to Get Rid Of Tax Debt

The best way to get rid of the tax debt is for you is to hire a tax attorney. There are various ways in which you may be unaware of that can assist you in negotiating and reaching a settlement with the IRS. However, a tax lawyer is well versed with it and can present you with attainable solutions to help you get out of debt. Below, are some helpful tips and solutions to get rid of tax debt.

#1 Get Rid Of Tax Debt with Installment Agreements

The IRS can be quite liberal and co-operative if you know the proper protocol. The IRS gets its power from the federal government which means that they have the right to collect tax from you indefinitely. If your IRS tax debt is $50,000 or less and you do not have sufficient funds to clear the debt, you can take the help of a tax lawyer and get yourself qualified for an installment agreement. This facility is also available online. Here, you pay your taxes in installments that you can comfortably afford. This plan is immensely popular as it is a hassle-free and low-cost method. Its set-up fee is lower than most other ways, and you can effortlessly get rid of your tax debt. Moreover, it frees you from all woes and stress of reminders, emails, checks to be written, missed payments, etc. You also get rid of the IRS trying to take control of your salary, property, etc.

#2 Get Rid Of Tax Debt with Offer in the Compromise Agreement

Sometimes your tax debt is so high that you feel it wouldn’t be possible ever to pay it if you pay the entire amount; you will lose your financial stability. In such a situation, an experienced tax lawyer can help you get a tax debt relief under the offer in the compromise agreement. Under this agreement plan, you can negotiate with the IRS officials and settle your tax debt by paying off a lesser amount than you owed. It is not open to all, and there are several qualifying factors involved. There is an online Compromise Pre-Qualifier tool on which helps you know if your chances of qualifying for this program.

Tip #3 Get Rid Of Tax Debt by Declaring Not Currently Collectible

You might be amidst a financially hard time. If you pay your taxes at this time, your lifestyle might dip below the basic standards of living. If you manage to showcase this fact to the IRS; they defer your debt to a year or two. It gives you time to get financially sound and then repay your tax liabilities.

Tips #4 Get Rid Of Tax Debt by File Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 Or 13

Filing for bankruptcy is another way to get rid of your IRS tax liabilities. This method can be implemented if you’re not finding a solution on how to get rid of tax debt. If you file under chapter 7; you get tax debt relief of your entire amount, i.e., you need not pay a single penny. Under chapter 13, you pay a partial amount, and the rest is discharges for you. Before you file for bankruptcy, it is vital that you consult with a tax attorney specialist.

Tips #5 Get Rid Of Tax Debt with  Penalty Abatement

Depending on various factors like your financial condition, kind of debt, etc. you can get a tax lawyer to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and get your penalties wiped off by offering something else legitimate in return. If done right, this goes a long way in helping you get out of IRS debt.

Tips #6 Get Rid Of Tax Debt Innocent Spouse Relief

Sometimes, a couple has a joint account, and one of the spouses fails to pay their tax. In case you are meeting the IRS guidelines, you can qualify for a tax debt relief under this program.

Tips #7 Get Rid Of Tax Debt by Utilizing the Wage Garnishments Program

Under the wage garnishments program, the IRS takes a portion of your wage directly every month to recover their debts. Wage garnishment usually happens after your accounts were frozen and your assets confiscated by them. In such a situation, you can negotiate with the IRS for tax debt relief. An experienced tax lawyer can get the garnishment lifted for you with ease.

Tips #8 Get Rid Of Tax Debt With an Expired Statute Of Limitations

From the day of your tax assessment, the IRS has a 10-year window during which they have the power to collect all back taxes from you using all legal means and power provided to them. Waiting out this period can be quite harsh and challenging, but an experienced tax attorney might pull it off for you.

Unsure How To Resolve Your Tax Problems? Call Us

You now know how vital a tax attorney can be in helping and advising you on how to get out of IRS debt. Seek our professional help today before the matter gets out of control. CALL US TODAY for a free consultation.

IRS Tax Relief for Employers and Employees

Knowing about IRS tax relief options is the key to saving your time, money and sanity, especially if the IRS is after you for the taxes you owe. If you are not aware of your rights and responsibilities, the IRS will take no time in rolling all over you taking anything that they can take. Our unique tax debt relief services are focused on resolving the tax debt issue through several debt relief options out there.

IRS expects all citizens to pay their taxes owed promptly. Still, many people do not pay their taxes on time and owe IRS billions of dollars in due taxes, interest and also penalties. Since the penalties and the interests can quickly add up and by the time the IRS comes to know about it and sends a notice, the amount is too much for most people. If you are one of them, who are finding themselves in a deep financial hole that you cannot pay your tax debt. You will be asked to enter into an installment payment agreement with the IRS for the past dues and while still paying the current taxes. Most of the time, these taxes will go on for years, and there will be no respite shortly. Another alternative is to hire a tax lawyer to assist you to find a way that is acceptable to both parties.

IRS Tax Relief Options for You to Explore

Many times we go through financial troubles for no fault of our own. For an instant, you are in debt because of medical issues, death in the family, loss of a job or any other situation. When such events take place, it can put us in difficult situations including that of our finances. It makes meeting the monthly obligations a challenge. It can lead to IRS tax problems and can be quite intimidating. Many people think that if they have a massive tax debt, they can talk to the IRS and they can settle it for way less. However, IRS tax relief does not work that way. There are many mechanisms built by the IRS that help you solve your tax problem and also get you back on your feet. Many tax resolution firms will make it seem very easy, but settling with IRS is not that easy, but it is not impossible too. You need to hire a professional tax attorney, like us, to help you resolve your tax problems. We can use the most persuasive techniques there is to get the IRS to behave humanely. You might not know about the different tax debt relief options that you have in front of you. It is crucial for you to explore all the different options you have before you agree with any kind with the IRS.

Contact an IRS Tax Relief Attorney for Advice

Most people think that the IRS is very powerful and no one has the power to negotiate with them. The truth is that the IRS is ready to settle tax debts by making favorable arrangements and many times, it is by reducing the amount that is owed to them. An experienced and professional tax attorney can help you secure a favorable settlement if you qualify for it. Our tax attorneys can help you explore all your options including any special payment plans, offer in compromise or even file for bankruptcy. You need to remember that your tax problems will not just go away if you are not ready to take any action. Without the assistance of an experienced tax attorney, the efforts by IRS to collect taxes owed by you will only become more aggressive. The worst part is that the IRS does not care how you pay your taxes and it means that your savings or retirement accounts are not safe either. If you do not want your livelihood to be ruined by the IRS, it is best to get yourself a tax attorney so that you can understand your tax needs and also prevent any future tax problems.

Contact Us to Know if You Qualify for IRS Tax Relief

If you are looking for a tax attorney, you are in the right place. We aggressively represent our clients before the IRS and the State. If you owe money to the IRS and want help settling your debt or need IRS tax audit relief help, we can help you. Our tax lawyers have working relationships with local IRS agents and other officers giving us a better chance to negotiate on your behalf and get a favorable outcome for you. Our IRS tax relief services are affordable for people of all income groups, so our fees should not be a worry for you.

If you want a fresh start with your life and you think that you can benefit from one of the tax relief programs, it is best to consult with our tax attorney to know if it is in your best interest. You need to remember that the tax resolution process can be difficult and you will only have one chance to get it right.

Give us a call today, and we can discuss debt relief programs with the IRS so that you can enjoy your freedom. Our team of experts is here to provide you the best tax audit relief for your tax problems.

IRS Back Taxes Help

Experienced tax defense attorneys can offer back taxes help for those feeling emotionally and financially overwhelmed with their back taxes problem. If the IRS is forcing you to pay the entire back taxes amount or agree to their laid out payment plan, it is best not to fall into the trap and seek the services of a professional tax attorney.

IRS often contact taxpayers and make them agree to a payment plan that might seem good on the outside but can create more problems for the taxpayer. When taxpayers speak to IRS employees without any legal representation, they often end up disclosing much more than they had intended. It often results in them seizing or putting liens in place on various assets. IRS officers are not required to provide alternatives to the monthly plans or the other, better programs. A tax attorney can come to the rescue and allow taxpayers to come up with a practical solution to the back tax problems.

Top Reasons Why You Might Have Back Taxes

Back Taxes are the taxes that were not paid over a certain period. The IRS knows everything there is to know about you. They know where you live, the place you work, if you are married or not and to whom, and other facts. Thus, if you fail to pay your taxes on time or are paying less than what you owe, you can face penalties or even jail time if you continue to ignore their notice to pay the penalties. Many times, if you have been filing wrong tax returns, and the IRS detects them, you will need to pay not only what you owe them but additional penalties that might be too much to pay together. You keep receiving the IRS notices and keep them stuffed in your drawers thinking they won’t be able to find you, but eventually, they will. Therefore, it is best to contact the IRS and come to a settlement. However, you do not want to negotiate with the IRS on your own as the IRS might work towards taking most of your assets.

Who You Should Call for IRS Back Tax Help?

There might be different reasons why people fail to file their taxes correctly. It can lead to a feeling of fear or hopelessness. Many are worried that they will not be able to pay the penalties that might have accumulated over the years. Since the IRS believes that people want to honor their obligations, they encourage people to come forward if they have not been paying taxes. They take into consideration voluntary disclosure when determining the penalties or to decide if they should criminally prosecute them or not. No matter what the reason might be of not filing your tax returns, there are ways you can fix your back taxes. Some of the options that you have are installment agreement, partial payment installment agreement, offer in compromise, not currently collectible, lowering the debt with credit card debt settlement, file for bankruptcy, releasing wage garnishments, taking advantage of the statute of limitations and more. All these might be confusing to you. You can avoid the confusion and consequences by hiring a tax attorney for back taxes help.

Our tax lawyer and attorney understand the tax laws and know what should be done to resolve your back taxes.

Do You Need Back Taxes Help? Call Now for a Free Consultation

Our tax experts and tax attorneys can represent you and negotiate with the IRS to get you the best resolution to your back taxes problem. Apart from speaking to the IRS on your behalf, we will also negotiate with them on the next course of action. We will also prevent the IRS from questioning you inappropriately about the taxes that might get you into trouble. Our tax attorneys understand the complexities of the situation and always get the best offer and resolution for taxpayers. We can help save you a lot of time by closing the case quickly since we understand the different approaches to tax debt relief that can greatly save you money. In addition, all the communication between you and our back tax attorneys will be confidential. All of your disclosed information and details related to the case will be safe with us.

Hiring an attorney for back taxes help is best when you have to deal with the IRS. If you are under audit by the IRS, facing investigation for not filing taxes or has a large debt that seems impossible for you to pay; your best solution is to hire an attorney to represent you. Hiring a tax attorney might seem like an added expense, but they are a good bargain considering the alternatives.

Contact Us Now to Get the Right Back Taxes Help

Our tax defense attorneys can put your mind at ease by helping you with late tax filing or correcting your tax mistakes. We can offer prior-year tax filing help, stop the IRS from collecting huge debt from you and resolve your case as quickly as possible. To receive a professional case evaluation, you can contact us as we know how to protect you so that you can get the best possible outcome for your case. Instead of ignoring the IRS and hoping that they go away, it is best to confront them head-on with our back taxes attorney by your side. Give us a call today for your free consultation (800) 804-2769.

Tax Debt Help for Tax Problems

Tax debt help is an option offered by various reputable companies to help you relieve the burden of tax debt. These companies usually offer some of the best qualified and experienced tax attorneys who look into various aspects of your unique situation and provide you sound advice for IRS tax debt relief. Regardless of how complicated your situation is or how staggering the pending tax amount is; there is always a solution that helps with IRS debt.

Reasons to get Tax Debt Help

Each person’s situation is unique. For most, common reasons which push a person to seek IRS tax debt help are:

1.     Failure To File A Tax Return

This is the most common reason for anyone requiring tax debt help. Once your income passes a certain specified limit; it is illegal not to file your tax returns. In case you do not file your returns, the IRS files a Substitute for Return (SFR). The issue with it is that it lists only your income and not your allowable deductions. Consequently, you find yourself with a massive tax liability as well as penalties and interest.

In other instances, you might file your federal tax return but forgot to complete your state tax return. Here again, the IRS files an estimated tax return which again skips on allowable deductions. This implies that you get placed in a higher tax bracket and are informed of a tax debt which is way higher.

2.     Incorrect Tax Return Preparation

Due to numerous reasons, there can be an error in the tax returns that you had filed. The mistake could also have been made by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or tax preparer who you hired, who are not as well versed as a tax lawyer and thus made mistakes. These errors can cost you as accuracy penalties can be even 75% of your tax debt.

3.     Not Making Timely Estimated Tax Payments

It is not uncommon for people to forget to pay their quarterly Estimated Tax Payments (ETP’s). Consequently, the tax debt gets accumulated in the following year and soon you find yourself in a situation where you seek tax debt help.

4.     Under-Withholding

Opting for less withholding than advisable for you will lead you to a higher payable tax amount at the end of the year.

5.     Early Withdrawal From Retirement Funds

Any unqualified withdrawal from your retirement fund before the age of 59 attracts a 10% penalty from the IRS. Most are taken by surprise with it and are burdened with an extra penalty at the end of the year.

6.     High Deductions Claim

Your returns might attract an audit from the IRS, which might end up with higher tax liabilities as a result of penalties, disallowed deductions or any other reasons.

7.     Errors From Another CPA Or Tax Company

The entire tax code is highly complex and constitutes over 70, 000 pages. A CPA or any other random company often lack the desired skills, knowledge and expertise on tax intricacies. Even a slight error from them would land you with substantial tax liabilities. Your only way out would be to seek tax debt help from an experienced and expert tax lawyer.

8.     Miscellaneous issues

Apart from the issues mentioned above; there can be various other reasons like gambling winnings, unpaid payroll; claiming an un-rightful dependent, etc. These reasons can make your tax debt go so high that you would be in dire need of some tax debt relief.

Professional Assistance for Tax Debt Help

The IRS grants you the right to represent yourself. However,  you might be unaware of the various loopholes and exit doors available that can smoothly help with IRS debt. This situation is absent from an experienced tax attorney, who is well versed with the latest IRS rules and regulations and can easily exploit them to your benefit.

There are plenty of rules and regulations present that can bring you tax debt relief. Based on your unique situation which will be microscopically examined by the tax lawyer; you would be presented with the best possible tax debt help. Few solutions that can be taken up for an IRS tax debt relief are:

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Installment Agreement
  • Not Currently Collectible
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Release Wage Garnishments
  • Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Bank Account Levy Release
  • Lump-Sum Payment
  • Expired Statute of Limitations

All these are some terrific ways of tax debt help. But each has its own stipulations and clauses and is not a one-fit for all. You must fulfill the criteria and qualify for a particular solution. This can be achieved with the help of an experienced tax lawyer. Tax lawyers’ skills and knowledge can easily negotiate with the IRS to get you the best IRS tax debt relief.

Our tax professionals can get you to help reduced tax liability, lump-sum payment or freedom from liability to pay pending taxes. Call us today for the best legal representation.

Tax Audit Attorney for Tax Penalties

We are tax audit attorneys. We provide help to resolve all of your tax problems and audits. Call us today and put your tax problem to bed.

Many people think that they have their taxes sorted and that they won’t face any issues with the IRS so they don’t have to pay any tax penalties. People believe that it is only the rich who might face any enforcement actions. Even though it might be true to some extent, a tax audit can affect everyone as IRS does not discriminate.

The IRS often takes several years to detect any mistakes you might have made. When the IRS detects any oversights or the wrong deductions, the taxpayer will already have many penalties and interests accumulated. It can significantly increase the amount of unpaid tax due and through time it’ll be impossible to disburse. If you have a massive tax debt, one option might be tax debt relief. It is where our tax audit attorneys can come to the rescue. It is not always easy to deal with the IRS, and if you have a busy life, it can make things even worse. Our Tax audit attorneys can offer multiple benefits and ensure the best outcome while saving you money. Therefore, instead of working with a CPA, it is best to hire our tax audit attorney to resolve and negotiate to get you out of the audit.

Our tax audit attorney provides legal help to resolve your tax debt. We will take the time to analyze your current situation with the IRS and develop strategies to rapidly improve the situation. We can help explore the different favorable arrangements depending on the unique situation. If you are having tax problems, call us today so our tax attorney can resolve the problem for you.

Top benefits you can enjoy when working with our tax audit attorney!

Tax Attorneys are Exempted from Testifying

If you work with a CPA on your tax problems, they can be called by the IRS to testify against you if the case goes to court. But, tax attorneys are exempt from testifying against you in court as you have attorney-client privilege protecting you. All the communication between you and our tax audit attorney will be confidential, and they cannot disclose any information shared o anyone.

Tax Audit Attorneys Give Better Tax Relief Compared To CPA

A professional tax audit defense attorney would be better suited to offer advice on the tax problem rather than a CPA.  A CPA can calculate the amount you owe to the IRS with certain deductions. Our tax audit lawyers, on the other hand, can help file bankruptcy correctly and deal with the complicated tax problems that a CPA will find near impossible to do.

Tax Audit Attorney Offers Professional Representation

Our tax audit attorney is qualified to act on behalf of the clients and represent you in front of the IRS. We will also handle all types of interactions with the IRS such as the meetings and answers to letters. In case the case goes to court, we will also represent you professionally to get the best possible result, and it is something that a CPA will not be able to provide you.

Tax Audit Attorney Can Help Negotiate to Reduce Your Taxes Penalties

Tax laws are complex, and there is no single formula to come to a conclusion. Tax audit attorneys are better at negotiating with the IRS and help you provide better tax relief. It is apparently a skill that a CPA does not have. We have done it for years, and you can benefit from our combined experience of over 50 years.

Tax Audit Attorneys Can Guide You To Make The Right Decision

A CPA might know about some of the tax settlement programs, but tax audit attorneys know all of the ins and outs of the different tax relief programs out there. Since the laws change yearly, tax audit attorneys keep themselves updated on the latest changes to help their clients make the right decision.

What Our Tax Audit Attorney Can Do for You

When you feel the need to hire a tax audit attorney, you need to make sure that you pick the right tax defense firm. They can make the problem go away or they can make the situation much worse. Our tax audit attorney will help you determine if you can request tax debt relief. We can also help you understand how the IRS calculated your amount due and look for any errant calculation mistakes that can work in your way. These are just some of the debt relief options that we can help you explore. If you are facing a serious problem with penalties and interests, we can work towards reducing that burden of debt. Our tax audit attorneys are certified and have years of experience in resolving tax penalties for varied clients.

Call Now to Talk to a Tax Audit Attorney Today

If you want to save yourself or your business from IRS penalties or even jail time, you need to have the best tax audit defense attorney by your side. We have extensive experience and provide strong legal defense for your tax problem. In most cases, our clients pay only a small amount of taxes and fees.  Contact us today and enjoy the best resolution for your tax problems.

Benefits of Hiring an IRS Tax Lawyer

Hire an IRS tax lawyer is the best way to file your taxes correctly. Most taxpayers don’t realize that tax law is changing and so are the IRS rules and regulations. While you do have the right to represent yourself before the IRS; navigating is tricky, frustrating and full of hurdles. It is far more likely that you would end up paying less than the amount you would have paid when hiring a tax attorney.

Still, many choose to hire a local Tax Prepares or experienced certified public accountant (CPA) instead of a tax lawyer. Many are under the impression that they are all of the same expertise levels. However, there is a considerable gap between them. First, you need to understand precisely who an IRS tax lawyer is and what are the benefits of hiring one.

Who Is An IRS Tax Lawyer?

In layman’s terms, an IRS tax lawyer is a lawyer who has the education as well as the expertise of all tax laws and all matters concerning it. They get qualified as tax attorneys after rigorous studies and years of internships under experts. Not only do they acquire a qualification in tax law but they also pass a rigorous state exam, popularly known as the bar exam. The exam is so tough that only about fifty percent or fewer candidates manage to pass in the first go. This would give you an insight into the amount of hard work and dedication that goes in before one actually works as a professional tax lawyer.

Reasons to Hire an IRS Tax Lawyer

The few compelling benefits and advantages when you hire an IRS Tax Lawyer are listed below:

1.     Access to Tax Code Knowledge

The current IRS tax code constitutes of over 1700 pages. It has many rules, regulations, rights, etc. that you are simply not aware of. For instance, very few citizens actually know about the right to representation. Using this right, you become free of any obligation to answer any condescending or harsh queries of any IRS officer who pounces on you at your home or office. You can just ask them to leave their contact details, and your tax lawyer would get in touch with them to resolve the matter. Thus, you can easily avail of his expertise and skills to get yourself out of any possible muck.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the tax codes at both federal and state-level keep changing. A tax lawyer would always be updated with all this knowledge. He would always use them to your advantage. Thus, you would continually have the best route for all your taxation issues.

2.     Ability to Take Right Tax Decisions

By taking advantage of hiring an IRS tax attorney, you can dispute your tax debt and even procure a tax debt relief for yourself. You would be surprised to know how many loopholes exist in the tax laws using which you can minimize your tax amount significantly. A tax lawyer can analyze the entire situation and help put together a plan of action aiming at paying the minimum amount possible.

3.     Correct Filing under the Guidance of the IRS Tax Lawyer

We all know about the potential risks involved with the IRS collection process. A small error could cost you a lot. You can easily avoid all these hassles if you let your tax lawyer file your tax returns. He or she will know all the necessary forms that need to be filled out and also be able to analyze them to ensure that they are filled out correctly at the right time and the manner.

4.     IRS Tax Lawyer-Client Confidentiality Privilege

The lawyer-client confidentiality privilege is a legal privilege that no CPA can provide you with. Under it, you can freely disclose all your sensitive and relevant information to your tax lawyer. He would then offer you the best advice and act most effectively on your behalf. He would, under no circumstances disclose any of the information to any other person without your permission. He or she will exercise the tax law boundaries to your advantage with the right tax strategies.

5.     Representation and tax negotiation ability of an IRS tax lawyer

In spite of you being extremely cautious and careful, it is possible that you find yourself in a tax jam. The IRS officer might be demanding a large sum of money for your past and present tax liability. Don’t panic contact a tax lawyer. He or she can negotiate with the IRS officer and come to a resolution that you and the IRS can live with.

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