Benefits of Hiring an IRS Tax Lawyer

Hire an IRS tax lawyer is the best way to file your taxes correctly. Most taxpayers don’t realize that tax law is changing and so are the IRS rules and regulations. While you do have the right to represent yourself before the IRS; navigating is tricky, frustrating and full of hurdles. It is far more likely that you would end up paying less than the amount you would have paid when hiring a tax attorney.

Still, many choose to hire a local Tax Prepares or experienced certified public accountant (CPA) instead of a tax lawyer. Many are under the impression that they are all of the same expertise levels. However, there is a considerable gap between them. First, you need to understand precisely who an IRS tax lawyer is and what are the benefits of hiring one.

Who Is An IRS Tax Lawyer?

In layman’s terms, an IRS tax lawyer is a lawyer who has the education as well as the expertise of all tax laws and all matters concerning it. They get qualified as tax attorneys after rigorous studies and years of internships under experts. Not only do they acquire a qualification in tax law but they also pass a rigorous state exam, popularly known as the bar exam. The exam is so tough that only about fifty percent or fewer candidates manage to pass in the first go. This would give you an insight into the amount of hard work and dedication that goes in before one actually works as a professional tax lawyer.

Reasons to Hire an IRS Tax Lawyer

The few compelling benefits and advantages when you hire an IRS Tax Lawyer are listed below:

1.     Access to Tax Code Knowledge

The current IRS tax code constitutes of over 1700 pages. It has many rules, regulations, rights, etc. that you are simply not aware of. For instance, very few citizens actually know about the right to representation. Using this right, you become free of any obligation to answer any condescending or harsh queries of any IRS officer who pounces on you at your home or office. You can just ask them to leave their contact details, and your tax lawyer would get in touch with them to resolve the matter. Thus, you can easily avail of his expertise and skills to get yourself out of any possible muck.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the tax codes at both federal and state-level keep changing. A tax lawyer would always be updated with all this knowledge. He would always use them to your advantage. Thus, you would continually have the best route for all your taxation issues.

2.     Ability to Take Right Tax Decisions

By taking advantage of hiring an IRS tax attorney, you can dispute your tax debt and even procure a tax debt relief for yourself. You would be surprised to know how many loopholes exist in the tax laws using which you can minimize your tax amount significantly. A tax lawyer can analyze the entire situation and help put together a plan of action aiming at paying the minimum amount possible.

3.     Correct Filing under the Guidance of the IRS Tax Lawyer

We all know about the potential risks involved with the IRS collection process. A small error could cost you a lot. You can easily avoid all these hassles if you let your tax lawyer file your tax returns. He or she will know all the necessary forms that need to be filled out and also be able to analyze them to ensure that they are filled out correctly at the right time and the manner.

4.     IRS Tax Lawyer-Client Confidentiality Privilege

The lawyer-client confidentiality privilege is a legal privilege that no CPA can provide you with. Under it, you can freely disclose all your sensitive and relevant information to your tax lawyer. He would then offer you the best advice and act most effectively on your behalf. He would, under no circumstances disclose any of the information to any other person without your permission. He or she will exercise the tax law boundaries to your advantage with the right tax strategies.

5.     Representation and tax negotiation ability of an IRS tax lawyer

In spite of you being extremely cautious and careful, it is possible that you find yourself in a tax jam. The IRS officer might be demanding a large sum of money for your past and present tax liability. Don’t panic contact a tax lawyer. He or she can negotiate with the IRS officer and come to a resolution that you and the IRS can live with.

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