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Unlike in the past, it is now hard to slip in late FBAR. The IRS has brought changes that have made it hard for U.S. citizens with foreign accounts to escape paying taxes. IRS has developed strategies that help identify and act on those who try to avoid paying taxes from their offshore accounts. If you find yourself with tax issues with IRS, you will not escape prosecution unless you have trusted and highly qualified tax attorneys to help you out.  At Legal Tax Defense, we have the best tax lawyers who can help you fight back and ensure that all your interests are fully protected. Before we look at why we are the best tax law firm to hire, here are some critical information regarding FBAR.


If you get late to file FBARs regarding the income you have reported in your tax returns, it is advisable you take action fast to avoid severe penalties. You should do this by ensuring that you file them fast before IRS gets you. Complying with the regulations set by FBAR is necessary because failure to do this can make you be fined or even be prosecuted. Note that you need to comply fully with the FABR regulations even if you are up to date with the reporting and paying taxes for the income you earn through your offshore accounts. It is also worth noting that you are not supposed to do the filing under the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. If you do so, a heavier penalty will be invoked. You need to get in touch with our tax lawyer to guide you on what to do.

By trusting Legal Tax Defense to help you, you avoid the harsh consequences that might affect your business and personal life. Imagine being fined $ 500, 000 or ten years in prison? You do not have to put yourself through these agonies.  Our tax attorneys are always there to help get the best outcome and have peace of mind. We offer free consultations and help our clients deal with even the most complicated tax problems. Our rich experience in the business ensures that we can help resolve your issue regardless of the complexity involved.  All our tax lawyers are highly trained and always updated on changes that occur in the U.S. tax laws.

We can also guide you on how you can join the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program to ensure you do not fall into problems with IRS. You enjoy working with our friendly lawyers who show commitment and dedication to see you happy even as you manage your offshore account.  At Legal Tax Defense, we fight on behalf of our clients to the very end to resolve all their tax problems. Our tax attorneys always go an extra mile to confront all the tax agencies or IRS to ensure that your interests are well catered.  Get in touch with us for free consultations or visit for more information on our services.


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