Tax Debt Relief Company

When looking for the best tax debt relief company and deciding which company is good and legitimate will require research. If it’s your first time looking for tax relief help, then you can always trust Legal Tax Defense. We are the nation’s leading tax experts with tax attorneys and enrolled agents that can help you resolve any tax problems.

Currently, taxpayers are in need of tax relief help companies are growing at a very fast phase for the past 5 years. With the increase in the number of tax resolution firms comes an equivalent increase in the number of companies who leave their clients with higher tax debt and rather than solving the problem. We strive to give our clients the one on one treatment they deserve leaving them with a fresh clean start with IRS.

Steps To Find the Best Tax Relief Company

Here are a few tips on finding the best tax relief company and deciding which tax relief firms can offer you the best tax relief services?

#1 Understand the Different Types of Tax Relief Firms

There are mainly 3 main types of firms that handle IRS tax issues. They are Natural Resolution Firms, Software-based firms, and certified public accounting firms.

  • National tax resolution companies: These types of firms are a big alternative to certified public accounting firms as they have cheaper services that are very affordable. You deal with the junior partners while the main tax lawyer or attorney works in the backstage. You will typically never speak with a tax professional.
  • Software-based tax relief firms: this is the cheapest tax relief help you can possibly get, it is recommended to people who do not have a seriously complicated situation. They are automated by software just like filing current tax year returns. The software has been designed to take you step by step from the start to the finish. These companies don’t Taylor fit tax resolution services to your specific needs.
  • Certified public accounting firms (CPA): these companies are the most expensive and most times dependable and efficient tax relief help you’d find available. A lot of times CPAs do not negotiate with the taxing authorities, they simply do accounting, bookkeeping and tax filings.
  • Legal Tax Defense – We are a tax relief company that has the most affordable rates and best taxation experience firm. You’ll get the best results for any tax problems. We have both tax attorneys and certified enrolled agents working parallel to solve extremely complex situations. Our staff and tax professionals are trained to specialize in tax debt relief.

#2 Find Out How Long The Tax Relief Company Has Been In Business

Research the tax relief company and be sure of it is established. Check the secretary of state website of your state, e.g. for California for a more precise and accurate data of the tax relief company establishing date. Remember, the older the firms the better chance that you will get the best tax relief option for your tax debt problem.

Be aware that many tax relief companies lie about how long they have been in the tax relief industry. And most of the time they will claim that their tax resolution firms have been in existence for a decade or even longer when in truth, they only exist just for a few years.

#3 Ask About the Proprietors of the Tax Relief Company

Make sure to ask about the partners of the firms, and qualifications of their tax pros. Any unwillingness by the respondent is a sure sign that there’s something fishy about the firm. He or she does not want you to know the owners and who will be handling your case.

#4 Review The Tax Relief Company Success Rate and Complaints

Research about how successful the tax relief company has been with their case. You can do this by checking the better business bureau website for the number of complaints they have, the ranking of the tax relief firm and all other necessary information. The success rate will give you a quick insight of the tax relief company.

Usually, when a tax relief help company tells you “NO” when you ask about the guarantee of them fixing your tax debt issues, it is most times a sign of honesty and good ethics.

#5 Tax Relief Company Say They Have a Relationship or Connection with the IRS

Ethics and character of a good tax relief company show the true image and culture of the firm. If tax relief companies tell you that they have a relationship or connection with the IRS, it is very likely that the tax relief company is lying to you.

#6 Tax Relief Company Ask You to Pay In Full at the Start

Any tax relief companies that ask for a full payment upfront are very likely that they are trying to scam you. It takes time to resolve tax problems and no tax relief company can resolve your matter in a snap. An ethical tax relief firm usually charges you as needed based on performance.

#7 Make Sure the Tax Relief Company Have Licensed Tax Attorneys

You should always research the tax relief company attorneys. Are the attorneys qualified enough? Does the attorney have enough experience? These are questions you should ask. Any tax relief company that tells you that they have licensed tax attorney is not always the truth. You should always ask for proof to make sure the tax lawyer or tax attorney is licensed before the hire.

Not Sure Which Tax Relief Company to Hire? We Can Help

At Legal Tax Defense, you don’t have to go through all the stress to resolve your tax problem. We have excellent records and outstanding reviews with an A+ rating on the BBB. We are a well-established tax relief company with senior tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents that are well trained and specialize in solving tax debt or any tax-related issues. Call us today for a free case evaluation!