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Many people think that they have their taxes sorted and that they won’t face any issues with the IRS so they don’t have to pay any tax penalties. People believe that it is only the rich who might face any enforcement actions. Even though it might be true to some extent, a tax audit can affect everyone as IRS does not discriminate.

The IRS often takes several years to detect any mistakes you might have made. When the IRS detects any oversights or the wrong deductions, the taxpayer will already have many penalties and interests accumulated. It can significantly increase the amount of unpaid tax due and through time it’ll be impossible to disburse. If you have a massive tax debt, one option might be tax debt relief. It is where our tax audit attorneys can come to the rescue. It is not always easy to deal with the IRS, and if you have a busy life, it can make things even worse. Our Tax audit attorneys can offer multiple benefits and ensure the best outcome while saving you money. Therefore, instead of working with a CPA, it is best to hire our tax audit attorney to resolve and negotiate to get you out of the audit.

Our tax audit attorney provides legal help to resolve your tax debt. We will take the time to analyze your current situation with the IRS and develop strategies to rapidly improve the situation. We can help explore the different favorable arrangements depending on the unique situation. If you are having tax problems, call us today so our tax attorney can resolve the problem for you.

Top benefits you can enjoy when working with our tax audit attorney!

Tax Attorneys are Exempted from Testifying

If you work with a CPA on your tax problems, they can be called by the IRS to testify against you if the case goes to court. But, tax attorneys are exempt from testifying against you in court as you have attorney-client privilege protecting you. All the communication between you and our tax audit attorney will be confidential, and they cannot disclose any information shared o anyone.

Tax Audit Attorneys Give Better Tax Relief Compared To CPA

A professional tax audit defense attorney would be better suited to offer advice on the tax problem rather than a CPA.  A CPA can calculate the amount you owe to the IRS with certain deductions. Our tax audit lawyers, on the other hand, can help file bankruptcy correctly and deal with the complicated tax problems that a CPA will find near impossible to do.

Tax Audit Attorney Offers Professional Representation

Our tax audit attorney is qualified to act on behalf of the clients and represent you in front of the IRS. We will also handle all types of interactions with the IRS such as the meetings and answers to letters. In case the case goes to court, we will also represent you professionally to get the best possible result, and it is something that a CPA will not be able to provide you.

Tax Audit Attorney Can Help Negotiate to Reduce Your Taxes Penalties

Tax laws are complex, and there is no single formula to come to a conclusion. Tax audit attorneys are better at negotiating with the IRS and help you provide better tax relief. It is apparently a skill that a CPA does not have. We have done it for years, and you can benefit from our combined experience of over 50 years.

Tax Audit Attorneys Can Guide You To Make The Right Decision

A CPA might know about some of the tax settlement programs, but tax audit attorneys know all of the ins and outs of the different tax relief programs out there. Since the laws change yearly, tax audit attorneys keep themselves updated on the latest changes to help their clients make the right decision.

What Our Tax Audit Attorney Can Do for You

When you feel the need to hire a tax audit attorney, you need to make sure that you pick the right tax defense firm. They can make the problem go away or they can make the situation much worse. Our tax audit attorney will help you determine if you can request tax debt relief. We can also help you understand how the IRS calculated your amount due and look for any errant calculation mistakes that can work in your way. These are just some of the debt relief options that we can help you explore. If you are facing a serious problem with penalties and interests, we can work towards reducing that burden of debt. Our tax audit attorneys are certified and have years of experience in resolving tax penalties for varied clients.

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If you want to save yourself or your business from IRS penalties or even jail time, you need to have the best tax audit defense attorney by your side. We have extensive experience and provide strong legal defense for your tax problem. In most cases, our clients pay only a small amount of taxes and fees.  Contact us today and enjoy the best resolution for your tax problems.


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