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Top 5 Ways You Can Use to Stop IRS garnishment

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Stop IRS garnishment especially if you are unaware of IRS practices it could be quite confusing. IRS garnishment involves the IRS taking a part of your paycheck to collect for your unpaid taxes. This practice does not just happen nor does it come as a surprise from them. This option takes them time after many failed attempts to recover your unpaid taxes from you. In fact, it is the last option in the tax collection process by the IRS. But if you hire the right Tax Attorney, you can stop or end wage garnishment.

The truth is; the IRS will take a part of your wage if you owe them unpaid taxes. This comes as a last resort after several letters have been sent to you. In this situation, they will submit the garnishment request to your employer for the collection of your wages. Understand that your employer cannot reject this move by the IRS. If they do, they become liable for your debt. So, if you want a Tax Debt Relief from the IRS, you must understand how to stop IRS garnishment. Unlike other creditors, the IRS does not require a court judgment for wage garnishment. So, having a good Tax Lawyer to help you fight with the IRS is very critical.

The Amount of Your Wage That the IRS Can Garnish

Unlike other creditors, the limit varies on the exact amount IRS can garnish. There is a specific tax code that determines how much the IRS can leave you with. The truth is; wage garnishment can take more than 70% of your income. So, you must take the necessary steps to stop this action that could leave you with little to survive.

How You Can Stop IRS Garnishment

Stop IRS GarnishmentThere are many ways that will help you to resolve your issues with the IRS. To do this, you must get a clear understanding as to what the exact issue is with the IRS. To achieve this, you must get compliant with IRS requirements. One of the most common mistakes is not filing your taxes. The second reason for the IRS collection activity would be a lack of repayment towards your debt or liability. When looking for a resolution a well-experienced Tax Attorney can help you reduce tax debt. Here are a few ways you can stop a wage garnishment by the IRS.

1. Apply for an Installment agreement

You can stop IRS garnishment if you agree to installment payment with them. Here, your  Tax Attorney or Tax Lawyer can help work with the IRS to map out a payment plan. Installment Agreements will see that you pay off your unpaid taxes over time. This is a payment plan that spreads around each month over a specific period of time.  As long as you commit to your installment agreement, you will chip away at your Tax Debt

2. Opt For the Offer in Compromise Program of The IRS

You can settle your unpaid taxes for an amount less than what you owe. This can happen if you apply for the Offer in Compromise Program or OIC. This program permits you to settle your unpaid tax for less than what you owe the IRS. To qualify for this program, you must meet certain acceptable guidelines set by the IRS. Not everyone who submits an OIC will qualify for this program. The truth is; once you submit a proposal, the IRS will halt the collection process. This is necessary to ensure better negotiations between you and the IRS. This will give you room to pursue other programs to stop IRS garnishment if negotiation fails. So, allow a competent Tax Attorney or lawyer to guide you through this process for an optimum result. The goal here is to give you a fresh clean start.

3. Prove and Plead Poverty

The IRS might let you off the hook if you can prove that garnishment will cause you financial hardship. If you can prove this, chances are they will let you off until your financial status improves. They will let you once you can prove your inability to meet up with basic living expenses. In fact, although this is temporal it can help you a long way while you look at other options. You need a competent Tax Attorney to help you file for hardship status. Tax Attorneys know and understand the formulas that can help you stop wage garnishment.

4. Hire a Competent Tax Lawyer (The Most Optimum Option)

The IRS tax problems, as well as the federal laws on tax regulations, are very complex. So, the best option to stop IRS garnishment is to hire a competent Tax Attorney for tax debt relief. A competent Tax Attorney has the knowledge, and the skills required to stop IRS garnishment. The truth is; a competent Tax Attorney can help you reduce a good tax debt amount and provides the best Tax Debt Relief. More so, the Tax Attorney becomes your representative for any IRS tax problems. Thus, this will reduce any form of harassment from the IRS.

5. Quit your job

When you quit your job, you are not entitled to a paycheck. Thus, the IRS cannot garnish your wage. This is a severe step that gives you the opportunity for better negotiation with the IRS. Although this will help stop IRS garnishment for a short period and the result is only temporary. The IRS will definitely find your new employer and thereafter initiate another wage garnishment.


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