Top Audit red flags

Top Audit Red Flags

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Should you really be worried about being audited by the IRS? Overall, only about 1% of tax returns are audited each year.

But here are the red flags that could put you at the head of the line for an audit.

Reason #1 If the IRS thinks you are claiming too many deductions or you’re failing to report all your income you could be flagged.

Reason #2 There are math errors on your tax return.

Reason #3 You failed to report income on tax forms like 1099s and W2s. The IRS gets copies of those forms that are sent to you.

Reason #4 Too many deductions than other taxpayers like you.

Reason #5 If you deduct too many miles on your vehicle for business use.

Reason #6 You have a cryptocurrency account and you fail to report your transactions.

Reason #7 If you have a cash business you could be flagged for an audit.

Reason #8 If you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit you could be audited because the IRS wants to be assured you’re entitled to the tax savings.

Reason #9 Self-employed taxpayers could be flagged for an audit because they may have lots of deductions.

Reason #10 If you deduct a home office you could be flagged.

Those are the top reasons for an audit. But don’t be afraid to claim deductions and tax breaks that you are entitled to.

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Disclaimer: Alan Mendelson is a well-known TV consumer news reporter who reports on tax issues. You should seek professional advice if you have tax questions or issues. 


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