IRS Refund Myths

IRS Refund Myths

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There are certain myths about how to speed up your IRS tax refund. They’re myths — so that means don’t bother trying them.

In fact, trying to speed up your refund might actually slow down the refund process. In some cases, trying to speed up your refund could stop your refund process dead in its tracks.

Here are some of those myths. Do not try them:

1. Calling the IRS. First of all, it could take you two hours to reach a real person when you call, and that person will not be able to help you.

2. Calling your tax preparer. Give them a break. It’s out of their hands.

3. Ordering a tax transcript from the IRS. Where did this baloney come from? Ordering a tax transcript will not speed up your refund.

4. Filing your tax return without all of the required 1099s won’t help either. Some taxpayers think they’ll get their refund based on a partial return — but they won’t. If your return lacks all of the required income reports it will be delayed.

The good news is about 70% of taxpayers do get a refund.

The Internal Revenue Service says the fastest and easiest way to check on tax refunds is by using the Where’s My Refund tool on

This year, more than ever before, those who don’t normally have to file a tax return may wish to do so to get child-related tax credits that were expanded by the American Rescue Plan.

The fastest way to get your refund is to file a complete return electronically and use direct deposit.

Most tax refunds are issued within 21 days, however, some may take longer. There are several reasons this can happen:

The return includes a claim for the Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit.
The time between the IRS issuing the refund and the bank posting it to an account may vary since many banks do not process payments on weekends or holidays.
The return may require additional review.
The return may include errors or be incomplete.
The return could be affected by identity theft or fraud.
The IRS will contact taxpayers by mail if more information is needed to process a return.

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Disclaimer: Alan Mendelson is a well-known TV consumer news reporter who reports on tax issues. You should seek professional advice if you have tax questions or issues. 


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