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Experienced tax defense attorneys can offer back taxes help for those feeling emotionally and financially overwhelmed with their back taxes problem. If the IRS is forcing you to pay the entire back taxes amount or agree to their laid out payment plan, it is best not to fall into the trap and seek the services of a professional tax attorney.

IRS often contact taxpayers and make them agree to a payment plan that might seem good on the outside but can create more problems for the taxpayer. When taxpayers speak to IRS employees without any legal representation, they often end up disclosing much more than they had intended. It often results in them seizing or putting liens in place on various assets. IRS officers are not required to provide alternatives to the monthly plans or the other, better programs. A tax attorney can come to the rescue and allow taxpayers to come up with a practical solution to the back tax problems.

Top Reasons Why You Might Have Back Taxes

Back Taxes are the taxes that were not paid over a certain period. The IRS knows everything there is to know about you. They know where you live, the place you work, if you are married or not and to whom, and other facts. Thus, if you fail to pay your taxes on time or are paying less than what you owe, you can face penalties or even jail time if you continue to ignore their notice to pay the penalties. Many times, if you have been filing wrong tax returns, and the IRS detects them, you will need to pay not only what you owe them but additional penalties that might be too much to pay together. You keep receiving the IRS notices and keep them stuffed in your drawers thinking they won’t be able to find you, but eventually, they will. Therefore, it is best to contact the IRS and come to a settlement. However, you do not want to negotiate with the IRS on your own as the IRS might work towards taking most of your assets.

Who You Should Call for IRS Back Tax Help?

There might be different reasons why people fail to file their taxes correctly. It can lead to a feeling of fear or hopelessness. Many are worried that they will not be able to pay the penalties that might have accumulated over the years. Since the IRS believes that people want to honor their obligations, they encourage people to come forward if they have not been paying taxes. They take into consideration voluntary disclosure when determining the penalties or to decide if they should criminally prosecute them or not. No matter what the reason might be of not filing your tax returns, there are ways you can fix your back taxes. Some of the options that you have are installment agreement, partial payment installment agreement, offer in compromise, not currently collectible, lowering the debt with credit card debt settlement, file for bankruptcy, releasing wage garnishments, taking advantage of the statute of limitations and more. All these might be confusing to you. You can avoid the confusion and consequences by hiring a tax attorney for back taxes help.

Our tax lawyer and attorney understand the tax laws and know what should be done to resolve your back taxes.

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Our tax experts and tax attorneys can represent you and negotiate with the IRS to get you the best resolution to your back taxes problem. Apart from speaking to the IRS on your behalf, we will also negotiate with them on the next course of action. We will also prevent the IRS from questioning you inappropriately about the taxes that might get you into trouble. Our tax attorneys understand the complexities of the situation and always get the best offer and resolution for taxpayers. We can help save you a lot of time by closing the case quickly since we understand the different approaches to tax debt relief that can greatly save you money. In addition, all the communication between you and our back tax attorneys will be confidential. All of your disclosed information and details related to the case will be safe with us.

Hiring an attorney for back taxes help is best when you have to deal with the IRS. If you are under audit by the IRS, facing investigation for not filing taxes or has a large debt that seems impossible for you to pay; your best solution is to hire an attorney to represent you. Hiring a tax attorney might seem like an added expense, but they are a good bargain considering the alternatives.

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Our tax defense attorneys can put your mind at ease by helping you with late tax filing or correcting your tax mistakes. We can offer prior-year tax filing help, stop the IRS from collecting huge debt from you and resolve your case as quickly as possible. To receive a professional case evaluation, you can contact us as we know how to protect you so that you can get the best possible outcome for your case. Instead of ignoring the IRS and hoping that they go away, it is best to confront them head-on with our back taxes attorney by your side. Give us a call today for your free consultation (800) 804-2769.


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